17.  Electronic Voting Machine Using MSP430 With Voice Feedback System.

5. Smart Surveillance System For Tollgate Automation.

97Li-Fi and ARM based home automation or device control.

98Antipiracy Screen .

96. Li-Fi Voice Communication .

87ARM Based Illumination Control.

88Speed Control Of Fan Using ARM Based On Temperature With 3 Speed High, Medium And Low.

91.ARM and Gesture Based Device Control for Physically Disabled People .

89Earthquake Early Warning System Using ARM and GPS to Locate the Exact Position.

90Automatic drunken driver and drowsiness detection system.

92Xbee Based Motor Control for Farmers .

93PANIC Button.

94Speaking ARM for Blinds.

95ARM and GPS Based Transformer monitoring system with area Identification.

76Industrial Robot With Image Monitoring Using CCTV And XBee.

70Vehicular Networking And Traffic Congestion System Using GPS.

68MSP430 Based Anti-Leakage Diversion Alarm System Of High-Pressure.

69Advance Security Interface For Vehicle With Implementation For Inter ECU Communication.

64Automatic Ration Dispensary System Based On MSP 430.

65Smart ATM Machine With Tamper Detection Using MSP 430.

66Embedded Design Using MSP 430 For Strong Room Security System.

67Smart Home Using MSP 430.

63Home Healthcare Platform Based On Wireless Sensor Networks Based On MSP430.

62Design Of Low-Power Wireless Communication System Based On MSP430

61RF Based  Medical Information System: A System Implementation On MSP430 Platform .

59GPS And GSM Based Robot For War Field Surveillance.

60Advanced Soldier Monitoring And Tracking System Using XBee.

41.  GSM Based Car Engine Control System To Prevent Car Theft By Means Of An SMS.

58. Automation Of Home Application For Elder And Physically Challenged Using XBee And ARM.

54.  Automatic Control Of Irrigation Systems Aiming At High Energy Efficiency In Rice Crops.

43.  XBee Based Wireless Motor Speed And Directional Control.

42.  Patient Monitoring System Using XBee.

44.  XBee-Based Alarm System For Pervasive Healthcare In Rural Areas.

45.  A XBee-Based Power Monitoring System With Direct Load Control Capabilities.

46.  Protected Data Communication With Security Alert Using Wireless Personal Area Network.

47.  An Implementation Of An Underground Wireless Sensor Network Using Xbee.

48.  Bus Detection Device For The Passenger Using GPS And GSM Application.

37.  Smart Card And GSM Based Advanced Security System.

40.  Wild Life Monitoring And Location Indicators For Visitors Using GPS+GSM.

35.  GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services

36.  GPS And GSM Based Real-Time Human Health Monitoring And Alert System For Cardiac Patients

25.  Advanced Transformer Monitoring System Using ARM 7 And Graphical LCD With Alert Paging To Line Man.

26.  Material Management System In Go Downs To Prevent Materials From Climate Variation.

27. Safety Device for Car Using MSP430 to Avoid Damage Or Theft.  

28.  Machine To Machine Interaction For Failure Prediction Using XBee

29.  ARM Based Smart Helmet Using XBee With Alcohol Detection.

30.  ARM Based Substation Monitoring And Controlling System For Electricity Board Using XBee.

31.  Power Grid Monitoring And Control With GSM GPS And IR (Infrared) Fencing System.

32.  GPS & GSM Based Car Security System.

33.  GPS & GSM Based Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System.

34.  Smart Gadget For Women’s For Their Personal Safety In Helpless Situation Using GPS And GSM

21.  Gas And Human Sniffing In Restricted Areas And Intimation System Using XBee.

22.  Location Driven Car Music Player. (Plays Devotional Songs Near Temples, Shuts At Home).

23.  XBee Based Station Name Announcement And Display System For Trains/Buses.

20.  Speed Control Of DC Motor Using XBee With Direction Control.

19. Speaking ARM For Blind People Using XBee With Voice.

18. XBee Based School Bus Or Company Cabs Tracking System With Remote Locking.

14.  Accident Informer on Highways to the Nearest Tollgate or Police Station Using XBee. 

15.  XBee Based Smart Vehicle Sniffer For Thefted Vehicles With Various Security System

16.  XBee Based Robotic ARM Control For Bomb Diffuser​.

13.  Industrial Disaster Management System Using ARM 7 With Various Parameter Monitoring On GLCD. 

12. Smart Device For Patient Monitoring System Using XBee. 

11. RedTacton Based ATM Monitoring System Using MSP 430.

9. Data Acquisition System Using ARM 7.

10. XBee Based Weather Monitoring System Using ARM7LPC2148.

8. ARM And XBee Based Bank Lockers Safety System Using Digital Key Password With Door Access Facility.

6. Coded Card Security System Using MSP430 For Smart Office With Wireless Paging.

7. XBee Based Industrial And Home Security System. 

4. ARM Based Voice Operated Device Control Using HM2007 And XBee For Physically Challenged People.

3. Defense Robotic Model For War Field Using XBee

2. Travel Assistant For Blind With Dynamic User Input For Location Based Alerts Using ARM7 And XBee


1. Smart Security System  Using ARM And XBee For Boarder Areas



24.  Soil Moisture And Conductivity Sensor Based Intelligent Irrigation Water Pump Controlling System Using XBee.

85ARM Based Active Kiosk with Speech.

86Mobile Operated Device Switching Using ARM Controller.

81XBee Based Garbage Pits Monitoring System With Information Updating To The Department.

82War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera.

83ARM Based Gas Leakage Detection System.

84Smart Zone Sensing With Auto Breaking System Using ARM.

77Human Alive Detection And Locating The Detection Area Using GPS And GSM.

78Design Of Integrated Mine Safety Monitoring System Using MSP430.

79Shopping Mall Security System  And Power Management System Using PIR And MSP430.

80Highly Secured Robotic Control For Military Operation Using MSP430.

71Advanced Soldier Monitoring And Tracking System Using GPS And GSM.

72Real-Time Monitoring And Pre-Alarm System For Dangerous Mountains In The Railway Line.

73GPS And GSM Based Transmission Line Monitoring System With Fault Detection.

74RedTacton-Data Logging Using Human Body As A Communication Media Using MSP430.

75On Request Material Tracking System In Industries.

55.  Design Of Sewage Over Flow Remote Monitoring System Over GPS And GSM Network.

56.  GSM+GPS Based School Kids Tracking System.

57.  Design And Implementation Of Multi Sensor Network For Automotive Communication Protocol.

50.  The Emergence Of XBee In Building Automation And Industrial Control.

51.  Multi-Channel Seismic Data Synchronizing Acquisition System Based On Wireless Sensor Network.

52.  Implementation Of A XBee-Based High Performance Sensor Node For The Robot Environment Platform.

53Touch And XBee Based Wireless Communication Assistant For Dumb And Illiterate People.

49.  Development Of Pedestrian-To-Vehicle Communication System For Pedestrian Safety Using Wide-Area Or Direct Communication.

38.  Wireless System Using MEMS Accelerometer And GPS Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles.

39.  GPS Based Sensitive Area Locator.


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