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7. Is your company name (Magnum projects), logo or any other signage printed or etched on the PCB?
4. Am I eligible to do the projects listed in the website?
5.Do you provide any training?
6.How do you justify ‘100% output guaranteed’ mentioned in your site?
3.I have no prior project experience. Can u help me to choose a title for my project?
2.I don’t want to buy projects. I want to do the project myself. Can you help me?
1.Can you provide any discount if I purchase the project?




Frequently Asked Questions

All our projects have been designed and developed  by a highly experienced team of engineers. All the components, PCB and other hardware are extensively tested . The output will be 100% as shown in the project.

We train students by means of our kits by well trained faculties’ t, so the student can gain good practical knowledge and hands on experience while using the Magnum projects Kit . We teach you all the concepts with help of well trained staff . You can build the project your self .

No, we make sure that nothing appears on the PCB or soft copies.
The projects are meant to improve your theory and practical knowledge. You can start doing your projects right from the first year of your technical education. You can be an Engineering student or a Diploma student or a Post-Graduate student. These projects can also be done by a hobbyist who is passionate about electronics and learning new things.  These projects strengthen your fundamentals and thus improve your job prospects.
We have made project selection simple and fascinating for you by adding an interactive feature "Can we help you find a project", in the home page as per engineering branch/year or technology. Once you select the project you can see all the details like output video, reviews, specifications, kit details, project image, Q&A pertaining to the project on the website. You can also download the abstract and seminar power point presentations of the selected projects from the website. You can always call our Number:
080-23146469 or  Help Line Number: +91 9379499900 or Mail us for personalized counselling and help. You can also check the home page for Full Project Listing to download complete with all details such as category (such as Embedded, Electrical, Robotics, Communication, Solar, Power Electronics, General Electronics and Sensor based etc.) Check in Student Projects Page

We also are keen to help you do your project yourself. We are only assisting you with the kit and required material and guidance, so you can complete the project by yourself. We have made the kits user-friendly and self-explanatory with a lot of audio-visuals so that you can complete the project without any external help. As you complete the project you will be rich with good knowledge and also get practical hands-on-experience.

Please see the hot deals section in the About Us page for projects with discount.